Monday, April 5, 2010

it just happened to be

Naomi wasn't fond of the drinking laws in the states. It really was unnerving. She need a drink now again again to settle her. Besides, she was quite shy at these parties she had to attend. It had nothing to do with journalism. Just fashion, and she was sick of it. Girls, so skinny. Like survivors of some kind. It was kind of sad. The drugs were cool. But she wanted to keep a clear head, for the most part. She did intend to get back to the village one day soon.

Yet, she'd hoped she'd had a fuck'n good times, some where down the line, but nothing had popped up as of yet. And she was beginning to wonder if she'd been wrong about Emily, all along. Why hadn't she been more considerate? Here was someone who thought an awful lot of her, and she treated her like shit. Naomi hated herself for it. Really, why did she have to be so bitter? Did she believe she could only be unloved?

Fat chance, anything exciting would happen to her now. It was quite a dud, the whole intern thing. Nothing fancied her. As she found it all fluff, for the most part. Nothing hard nosed, at all. Just stuck-up bitches for the most part. And well, Naomi could play one just as well. They could all go to hell. It just didn't matter anymore.

She flashed a fake ID at the bar. He just looked at  her and perhaps gave her a sweet fizzy out of the kindness of his heart.

"Are you sure their's alcohol in this?" She gave him an evil look.

"Shit, you're from Bristols, aren't you?" A big smile almost fell on Naomi from behind.

"How did you know?" Niomi looked back at the bond frizzy-haired lass. Her tooth grin was a little much, but she was friendly.

"I'd know that accent anywhere." She giggled. "I'm Cassie." She shook Naomi's hand then.

"Oh." Naomi lit a cigarette then and shared it with Cassie. They found themselves a both.

"I live just around the corner ,you know." Cassie kept smiling as if she was on something. Naomi just studied her. She was so sweet to look at, but Naomi wasn't sure she liked that type. So sweet. It was annoying. But then she needed someone from home.

"So you're saying, I can come home with you?" Naomi sucked at her cigarette.

"Yeah, it would be loads of fun. Talking about home, you know." Cassie sipped at her fruity drink.

"I suppose." Naomi shrugged.

"Do you like it here?" Cassie questioned.

"Dunno, yet." Naomi pressed her lips tight. She felt as if she was about to lose it. She hadn't felt quite this homesick in a very long time.

"Come on." Cassie smiled as she took Naomi's fingers with her own. "Its crowded here. It'll be better at my place. I swear."

Naomi nodded. She tried to smile. What the fuck was she doing? She felt as if she was a lost little girl, and someone had found her.