Wednesday, April 7, 2010

in the eve of it

Cassie shared what was left of her pot with Naomi. Really, she just couldn't trust the drugs here, like she could back home. Drug dealers were so much more worthy there than here. But even so. They got a buzz and laid there on the pink fake fur rug, staring at the bliss of the dark ceiling in the candle light.

"Tell me, what do you do for fun?" Cassie wanted to know.

"Dunno if I should say." Naomi was not letting her guard down.

"What? Why not?" Cassie took a draw on the homemade cigarette and handed it to Naomi.

"You know, stupid shit. Sometimes, we liked this pond, you know, skinny dipping." Naomi smiled as if she remembered good times.

"I like normal things like that. Of course, I'm not all that normal." Cassie told her.

"Yeah, it was just boring."

"Please, you know, it wasn't." Cassie shook her head. She was melancholy. Thats all she could come to terms with. Her life was shit. Nothing amazing about it.

"All right, it was great. Brilliant, in fact. I just didn't know it, til now." There were tears in Naomi's eyes.

"Sorry." Cassie hadn't wished misery on anyone. She turned to Naomi then, biting her bottom lip and wiped the tear away with her thumb.

Naomi smiled weakly. Cassie sucked in the cigarette and blew smoke to the ceiling. She rested her cheek on her hand then and watched Naomi as she smoked more of the cigarette.

"Its funny how you remember things, and forget at the same time." Cassie shrugged. "I hate that."

"Yeah, its terrible."

Cassie set up then and let Naomi rest her head in her lap. Her fingers brushed through Naomi's locks as her fingers touched her face.

"You probably remember things vividly." Cassie told her.

"No. I don't." That was what was upsetting the most. The tears came again. That's when Cassie's mouth came down on hers. It was an open kiss of serene joy. Cassie looked down at her. She was beautiful.

"Just don't forget, will you?"

Naomi set herself up as if she had to go, but instead Cassie's arms came around Naomi's waist. Her chin rested on Naomi's shoulder and her fingers began to explore under Naomi's T-shirt. Naomi took another draw from the cigarette, then she put it out as Cassie touched her ridged tits. She took in Naomi's scent as well as she kissed her neck. Slowly, she felt Naomi let go as Cassie's fingers pried into her jeans and under her panties. Cassie only smiled as Naomi arched back into her. ..wanting more.


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cassie and naomi..interesting.

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wow..ok, those 2. cool.