Tuesday, May 17, 2011

its a right small world

"Sid? Is it really you?" Tony couldn't make out the cell number, but somehow Sid had found him and his voice sounded so faint.

"You know, I found Maxxie, right?" Well, of course, Sid didn't. He had to fill him in. Robby wasn't home yet so he had to make it quick. "Its just Max is stuck with this little man, Darby. Now." He listened to Sid go on about Cassie, how she was in a drug induced coma at the moment. "NO..I didn't meant dwarf or midget. He's short, you know. Shit, a fucking short punk that thinks he can act, that's all." How in the world could he get his mate to shut up about an old lover, thought Tony.

Tony winced hard. Sid fucked Cassie, hadn't he? Maybe he didn't. Just didn't see what all this talk was about.

"Don't you want to know about me?" Tony asked. There went Sid again about being in New York, being some script writer's assistant on a soap opera. "I'm seeing this Robby now." No, he hadn't seen Michelle, in ages. Didn't rightly care what became of her, actually. But he wouldn't tell Sid this. He might take a hankering for her again, and well, Tony couldn't have that. After all, it was Maxxie he still cared about. It was just hard to get the mate alone.

"Seriously, hasn't that Cassie put you through enough?" Tony shouted in to the phone. Just then, Robby popped in with his crisps and some ale for later.

"What about Cassie?" Robby asked, all concerned.

"You don't know her," Tony scowled as he told Robby it was an old mate of his from school was on the cell.

"Maybe I do." Robby pressed. "I have cousin. She's in New York, in the fashion world."

Tony just stared at Robby. Really, that did sound like the Cassie he knew. "She over dose much?"

"Yeah, rehab is practically her middle name." Robby shrugged. Tony sighed and handed over his cell, so Robby could asked Sid a few questions.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Tony is such a jerk!!

ivy said...

hahhaa..Oh, Tony is just Tony.

meg said...

Tony is sooo rotten!

ellie said...

tony would be like that...

griffin said...

Tony always thinks like that, wouldn't he???

molly said...

I loved this one.

Cait said...

I'm truly excited about this..Sid & Tony. Robby and Cassie..cousins. WOW.