Sunday, February 13, 2011

where the rainbows end

"You really wouldn't choose her, over me? Now would you?" Draco was his sullen self.

But it was true, Freddie didn't believe he was completely dark. As it was, they'd spent some time together. It was just..he did have a bird. Unfortunately, couldn't exactly remember her name. Nor recall her face.

No, she wasn't Effy. Someone, who looked an awful lot like her? He squinted hard, trying to place her now as he was sharing a joint with Draco. Not that, they had to be enticed with drugs to get it on. Frankly, he was about to say he could give up the drug for Draco. But then again, Freddie believed Draco was raised on this stuff. Probably given to him as a baby. Really, Freddie's brain was a right fried, at the moment. His memory just faded.

"NO." Freddie looked at Draco as if that would never happen.

"Then come on, love." Draco pulled him up from the underground place they were, once they were done with the fattie. It was time to see sunshine up above. It was a new day.

Freddie squeezed his eyes tight when the rays of light hit him.

"What are we doing?" He was freakishly cold.

"Lets see where the day takes us." Draco grinned ans shook his dark curls in the blaze of warmth. He looked at Freddie.

"What? Do you have in mind? Knocking off a shop?" Freddie wouldn't put it past him. Draco was eager to go as he pulled Freddie along.

"Don't you know it, but I really need some crisps. Food, you know." He told Freddie to stay put in the park while he made a mad dash.

Freddie just sighed. He sat on the bench trying to warm himself while Draco was gone. It wasn't long that Draco was back with armful of snacks.

"What have you done?" Freddie asked as Draco handed off several of the foiled packs to him.

"Do you have to ask?" They were on the run, soon enough. Draco found them a place to squat. This time an old building on the top floor.

Really, it had a quaint vintage look to it. Honestly, though, Freddie just wasn't sure he was suited for this sort of life on the lam with Draco. Didn't he ever get tired of it?


E.L. said...

awesome header! Oh Draco..what a guy.

ivy said...

I am so lov'n the header too. Oh Draco.

ellie's desk said...

yeap, good ole Draco!