Thursday, March 18, 2010

love, can't tear us apart

"Must we care what the fuck your mum might think?" Robby looked over at Tony in his bed. They'd made up right well. Both fit and swell with each other limbs wrapped around each other.

"She's a bit jumpy, as of late." Tony winced. He put a wisp of hair behind Robby's ear. They snogged then so deeply as if they needed each other still. Even if they'd been having a go at each other for the last 4 hours.

"We could dope her."

"She does that quite well on her own." Tony grinned. He watched Robby think then.

"Maybe she needs a bloke." Robby's eyes lit.

"No, dunno about that. Maybe we should get back to the uni." Tony didn't like hanging around in his room that much. He'd feel safer back in his room at the university.

"Luv, we just got here."


"So lets have a good time, for fuck's sake." Robby winced slightly. They kissed like mad and soon enough were in positions that made it all the more fun to stay in bed. "Why don't you call up some mates?" Robby asked afterwards.

"I dunno. They've been out pocket. Don't know one that would pop around." Tony told him.

"Look, nothing could tear us apart. You know of one or two. I know you do." Robby smiled.

Tony got dressed. He hadn't called Sid yet. Maybe they could get together with him.


ellie said...

sid..what would be up with them. Cool they made up.

meg said...

I like the way Robby talks to him.